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Patient Online

Book appointments – Renew prescriptions – View health records

What is Patient Online?

Patient Online services will give you the option to:

  • Make appointments online
  • Order repeat prescriptions online
  • View your own medical record online (currently allergies, medications and adverse reactions)

You will be able to complete these actions using a computer, tablet or smartphone rather than having to phone or visit your practice.

What are the benefits of online services?

Online services will allow you to book and cancel appointments or request repeat prescriptions at a time that is convenient to you – day or night. It can also mean not having to travel to the surgery and can free up phone lines for people without access to a computer.

Having access to records means, that you could be more in control of your health and well-being. This is particularly helpful for people who live with a long-term condition such as Diabetes that needs regular monitoring and frequent prescriptions.  From 1st April 2015 you will be able to access summary information such as allergies, medications and adverse reactions, however in the future you will be able to access information such as medical history/diagnosis, test results and consultations.

Online access helps to manage appointments and telephone calls more efficiently and patients find it convenient and accessible.

Why are you doing Patient Online?

The NHS has consulted with individual patients and patient groups over the last four years. Many patients have said that they want to see their records, want to be more involved in their own care and wish to be involved in deciding on the best way they are treated and cared for. Patient Online is part of making this happen. Online services are an additional way of accessing services for those patients who want it.

How can I get access to my GP Record?


If you have a smart phone, you will be able to download the NHS App free of charge from the App Store or from Google Play.  The app is not currently downloadable via a computer however the NHS are currently working on this and the NHS App Online Service is due to be launched this year.

Once downloaded to your smart phone, you will be guided through some questions to set up your account.   To enable the NHS login, you will require either:-

  • a passport
  • a UK driving licence (full or provisional)
  • a European driving licence (full)
  • a European national identity card

This will need to be photographed and uploaded to the App, along with a short recorded video of yourself.  This is to check that your face matches the face in your photo ID. It’s a way for ensure that you are you, and that no one is trying to use your ID to access your medical record.

The App is very user friendly – if unsure how to use it, please ask at Reception.


If you do not have a smart phone, or you would rather use a different online service to the NHS App, you will need to complete a registration form to access this service by clicking on the link below, and once registered you will be given information that will enable you to create your username and password.   On the registration form you will be asked to tick which online services you require access to.

When your account has been created and activated, you will be able to book your appointments with available doctors, view existing appointments and cancel appointments if required.  The service also allows you to make any repeat medication requests that have been authorised by your Doctor or Practice Nurse.

If you have ticked to request access to your medical record, you will need to bring (not send) proof of identity, together with the registration form into the surgery before this access can be permitted.   Acceptable forms of ID should have photo identification by way of either a driving licence or passport, along with an additional form of ID which shows your address, which should be either a bank statement, credit card statement or utility bill addressed to yourself.  If you do not wish to access your medical record, you need not provide ID, you will just need to submit your registration form either by post, email or in person.


How can I be certain that no one else can get access to information from my GP record?

Only you will be given access to your record.  When you sign-up to Patient Online, you will be given a secure login and a password.  These details are unique to you and, along with your personal information, will not be shared with anybody else unless you choose to let them see it. This is not different to how you would access other online services, for example banking.

Where is my information stored?

Patient information is stored within the IT system your general practice uses and within the practice paper records.

Will my carer be able to see my record?

If you want your carer to see your record this can usually be set up for you. Please contact your practice to talk about what you need to do.

How will you avoid patients being forced or misled into providing access to their information?

GPs will look at each request for access to a record and do everything they can to make sure they are genuine and not being made under pressure. Sometimes it is in the patient’s best interests for a relative or carer to have access and this is also something that will be looked at on a case by case basis at practice level.

GPs are able to refuse or withdraw access to a record if they have concerns.

I don’t have a computer, tablet or smart phone what will it mean for me?

Online services are an extra option for those who wish to use them and will not replace other ways of contacting your practice such as by phone or in person.

By freeing up phone lines and reducing the need for people to visit in person, it is hoped that patients who don’t have a computer will find it easier to contact the surgery.

Is there any help in getting started on the internet?

There are a number of different services for people who want to get onto the internet. Many are provide by local authorities, colleges and charities. The best place to start would be your local library.

NHS England is also working with the Tinder Foundation on supporting people who want to make better use of the health information that is available on the internet. You can find out more on:

For further information about Patient Online go to:

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