Register with our practice

Thames Avenue Surgery is currently having it’s patient list managed by NHS Kent & Medway Integrated Care Board.   As such we can only directly accept registrations from either immediate family members who are living with a patient already registered with us, students returning from University/College or patients that have been directly allocated by the Patient Allocations Team.

We opened our books at the beginning of this year and have taken in approximately 350 new patients in this time, with a patient list size of 5,870.   The GP partners now feel that we have reached the maximum level of patients that we can safely manage at this current time.   This decision remains under constant review and may be reversed if our situation changes.

We are unable to keep a waiting list so please continue to look for further updates either on our website our our social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

Please contact NHS Kent & Medway ICB GP Contracting Team on 01634 335095 – Option 6 to find out which GP surgeries are open at this time.

As our patient list is currently being managed, please only use these forms below if you have been allocated our surgery via the Kent & Medway ICB, or you are an immediate family member living with someone who is already registered with us, or a student returning from University or College.

You can print off a registration form & medical questionnaire here, fill them out and pop them in at the surgery.   Please make sure to bring with you some identification giving proof of your address for our records.

Patient Registration Form

New Patient Health Questionnaire

Catchment Area (Practice Boundary)

You can search for your postcode by clicking the magnifier in the top right corner of the map, this will indicate whether you live within the boundary or not.

Named GP

You may be aware that from April 2015 all practices are required to provide ALL their patients with a named GP who will have overall responsibility for the care and support that our surgery provides to them.

Our patients have been allocated named GPs as follows:-

Patients registering before July 2019

Dr K Manivannan  All patients  Aged 0-20 and aged 60+
Dr B Gurung  All patients  Aged 21 to 59

Patients registering from July 2019

Dr J Pudur Ramakrishnan All patients All ages

Age is determined as at 1st April 2015

The named doctor will have overall responsibility for the care and support that our surgery provides to you; however this does not prevent you from seeing any GP in the practice as you currently are used to.